2016 Summer SAT/PSAT Classes

posted Sep 3, 2016, 6:12 PM by Jian Wu

2016 Summer StarAcamp Institute SAT/PSAT Online Intensive Classes

A. Summer Intensive PSAT Class - particularly for current 10th-Grade (11th-Grade in Fall) Students
To prepare students for the PSAT test in October, a very important  test of students in their Junior years.

July 23 - October 1 for a total of 11 weeks

B. Evidence-Based New SAT Reading and Writing Class Advanced 1 - for 9th and 11th-Grade Students

July 9 - September 17 for a total of 11 weeks

C. New SAT Reading Skills and Vocabulary Building Intermediate 1 - for 7th and 8th-Grade Students

July 16 - September 3 for a total of 8 weeks