MMCS-Princeton Review 2020 ACT/SAT Webinar/Tests/Courses

posted Apr 15, 2020, 9:54 AM by Jian Wu

MMCS-Princeton Review 2020 ACT/SAT Webinar/Tests/Courses

MMCS and MCA are working together with Princeton Review again this year to provide ACT/SAT free webinars, free tests and special-priced courses. MCA has been working with various companies, including Princeton Review, Kaplan and Barron’s, to offer successful SAT, ACT and PSAT courses to students in the Twin Cities area since 2001.

明华中文学校,明州中华书院本年度再次携手著名的考试培训机构Princeton Review 提供ACT/SAT 免费讲座, 免费考试和特价课程。明州中华书院Princeton Review, Kaplan and Barron’s 等著名考试培训公司合作, 十余年来为明州双城的学生提供了SATACT and PSAT培训课程。

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are planning to offer all webinars, tests  and courses online. Depending on the situation later, we may switch to the in-person platform or a combination of both. We will take the health of our students seriously!


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